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How easy is it to fit?

Very easy. You'll need a couple of spanners or Allen keys, twenty minutes and that's it. The screen uses the standard headlamp brackets and if it's carefully fitted, you won't even need to readjust the headlamp. Please note that the screen may not fit some bikes with aftermarket instruments - please enquire before ordering.

Do you do a tinted/coloured version?

You have the choice of the standard light neutral tint as standard, or a darker tint. In addition, we can supply opaque black by special order. For those who want to paint the screen, we can supply it in opaque grey ABS, suitable for automotive paint.

Do you sell through dealers?

We have a network of good, reliable dealers. We are always looking to expand our network - if you are a regular dealer or distributor and are interested in our products, please get in touch.

Do you supply overseas?

The vast majority of our business is abroad, particularly in the United States. We always send products by airmail, and promptly. Delivery is typically 7-10 days for US, 5-7 days for mainland Europe.

It looks quite small - how much protection does it give?

A surprising amount. That said, it's not a full touring screen, so please don't expect it to perform like a Honda Pan European! When you're riding a naked bike, your body provides a big target for wind blast. Flyscreens work by taking most of the wind from this area, giving your body an easier time. You still get wind around the helmet area (but that's why you bought the bike, yes?), but you don't get the fatigue in the same way.

I bought a naked bike because I prefer them. So why do I need a screen?

Firstly, the Dart flyscreen makes 80mph cruising more comfortable, by relieving the rider's chest of wind. The flyscreen improves the airflow around the instruments, and leaves a cone of still air, reducing neck and back ache on long runs.
Secondly, it looks good. Taking inspiration from classic British racing bikes from the 50's and 60's, the Dart gives your bike that classic finishing touch.